800 Locust Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309. Phone 515-288-5800. Toll-Free 1-800-320-2580. Fax 515-244-1718.
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cosmo band cosmo 2 bar cosmo 3

The Cosmopolitan Lounge: Enjoy Yourself.

Convenient to hotel guests and “downtowners” alike, this upscale martini bar draws a diverse and dapper crowd. From 40-something business professionals interested in closing a deal to couples sipping cocktails before hitting the town, this place is all about class. Rich woods, clean lines and cushy leather chairs make the affluent crowd feel right at home.

The full bar features an extensive martini list along with premium liquors, wines and imported and domestic beers.

Sultry jazz and blues pulse quietly enough to allow conversation and even an occasional whisper in the ear. Is it any wonder the Cosmopolitan Lounge is a prime venue for evening entertainment? It’s just one reason why the Suites of 800 Locust is the center of hospitality in the center of Des Moines.

Great Music at the Cosmo!

Friday nights at the Cosmopolitan Lounge bring you band music, always playing your favorite songs, while Saturday nights lean toward smooth jazz for the weekend. Entertainers at the Cosmopolitan Lounge include Roxy Copeland, Dave's Trio, Max Eubank, Tony Valdez and Scott Davis Jazz.