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Enjoy your Suite Retreat. Call 515-288-5800 to make your appointment.
massage champagne rose bed white bed massage beds
massage champagne rose bed white bed massage beds

Enjoying the Suite Retreat Spa: Spa Policies and Etiquette

Booking an Appointment

Our spa often fills up fast, book as far in advance as possible. Appointments may be booked through guest services, by dialing “0” from the phone in your suite, or by calling (515) 288-5800 outside of the hotel.


Our spa has a strict 24-hour cancellation and reschedule policy. Should a cancellation or date change be necessary, call guest services at (515) 288-5800. The full service will be charged on any late cancellations, reschedule or no-show appointments.


Guests are encouraged to arrive at least 15–30 minutes early so you can enjoy an unhurried transition into the spa. Ideally, arrive 30–60 minutes early and take advantage of the Sauna, Steam Room, or Whirlpool. If you are late, your treatment time will be shortened. Your treatment will end as scheduled so that the next guest may begin on time. After a treatment, it's customary to vacate the room within five or ten minutes, though you are welcome to spend additional time unwinding in the spa's Sauna, Steam Room, or Whirlpool.


The spa’s Sauna, Steam Room and Whirlpool are shared by both men and women. Remember to bring swim attire for the Whirlpool. Either swim attire, or a towel may be worn in Sauna and Steam Room. Robes and Slippers are available for spa guests.


We regret that we cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of personal articles. We recommend that you hotel guests may leave valuables in the hotel safe. For guests not staying at the hotel it is recommended that you leave valuables at home. However, if you do bring them to the Spa, please keep all valuables with you during your appointments.

Draping and Undressing

The spa’s policy on draping follows the state of Iowa Board of Massage Therapy which embraces the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork standards. Which states that the therapist will ”Provide draping and treatment in a way that ensures the safety, comfort and privacy of the client.“

It is best to disrobe entirely, however, we want you to be comfortable during your experience, you may undress to your comfort level. During your treatment, the spa professional will drape you with a sheet, or towel, and uncover those parts of your body that they are working on.

  • Full Draping: The sheets are drawn securely, exposing only the immediate area worked.
  • Loose Draping: The sheets are gently tucked, or loosely hang, exposing only the immediate area worked.
  • Towel Draping: The breasts and groin are covered, exposing most of the body.

During some treatments, such as body scrubs, and body wraps a towel will be used to drape the groin and breast areas. Disposable spa panties are available.


Gratuity is not included in spa service prices. Tipping is left to the discretion of our guests. An appropriate and customary tip of 15-20% is appreciated. If you receive multiple services from different people (a massage therapist, a facial esthetician, etc.), leave a separate tip for each of them.

Cell phones

Please turn off cell phones before entering the spa.

Spa Conversation

Whether or not you talk during the experience is entirely up you. Spa Etiquette allows you to make that decision based on your actions. If you begin the session by talking, the therapist will likely follow the lead, but if you remain silent, it should be a clear indicator to the therapist that you want to enjoy the experience in silence. Most therapists prefer to work with you silently, with an occasional question of “how is the pressure” or “how are you doing”.

After the Spa Treatment

After the treatment, the therapist will likely tell you to take your time getting up. This is an indicator that you have five minutes or so to vacate the room, so they can ready it for the next guest. Sometimes after a relaxing treatment, you can make yourself dizzy by getting up too fast, so heed the advice of the therapist and take a little time to get up.